The Good Value of Staying In


If you were expecting a note here on the value of going outdoors, today’s note is going in that opposite direction.

Think about it – if you were looking to control your bank account – are you more apt to spend money while outside of your home or inside?  I suppose a person’s propensity to shop online has a lot to do with the full answer but let’s leave that one aside for the moment.

By staying in, I’m not talking about cringing by the windows and looking outside every couple of moments but rather the type of staying in that is micro-focused on a particularly important and neglected item at hand:  that could be anything from cleaning this or that to organizing files and paying off bills, destroying junk and saying peaceful goodbyes to your past.

Remember, nature and the outdoors will always be there and the good thing about this Earth still holds that there will always be nice days ahead, this one isn’t the last one so get to work and reward yourself later!