Mobile Dating App Building Software ‘DatingFramework’ Up for Auction, Positioned for Quick Sale


If you’re rich, why bother with simply being a user of sites like Match, Tinder or Grindr when you can buy and design your own dating site for yourself?

An online dating software company with a modular extensible plugin and theme system, DatingFramework, today announced their decision to sell the company and its proprietary software to the highest bidder.

DatingFramework is also the only dating software with developer documentation and API documentation, along with a complete admin guide to setup your dating site and mobile app.

The DatingFramework script has become a well-respected and sought-after script in the industry.  Boasting a great website, plug-ins, and videos.  The search count for related keywords on Google alone is 20,000+ per month.  In the last few months, we have averaged over 10,000 visitors per month, due to the extra effort on the SEO side.

DatingFramework was founded in 2015, and quickly began acquiring active users. Over the last 3 years that the company has been operating, close to 500 organizations have built their own apps with the software. DatingFramework’s robust technical support team has been responsible for the creation and maintenance of the entire API system, and continued support can be included in the sale, under the current arrangement we have with them.

DatingFramework’s script is mobile responsive and compatible with desktop viewing, so the web version will work seamlessly across all devices, big & small. The web socket chat server is a separate app running inside DatingFramework that can serve a million chats at a time.

The software features all of the core elements of a dating app: Users have the ability to see who swiped right or liked them and receive push notifications in real time. Stripe for credit card payments is compatible with DatingFramework, and PayPal is also pre-built into the software.

This Dating script has a Badoo-like Spotlight, so this will incentivize your users to pay for this feature.

Logging into the back-end of DatingFramework is a snap due to the powerful admin panel that controls:

  • User Management
  • Content Management
  • Theme Settings
  • Plugin Settings
  • SEO Settings
  • Credits Management
  • Financial Management
  • Bots Management
  • Reports Management
  • Landing Page Settings
  • Language Management
  • Media Management
  • Email Management

Revenue in the Online Dating segment amounts to US$1,383m in 2018.

Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 3.9%, resulting in a market volume of US$1,610m by 2022.

demo of the software is available without purchase, and those interested in acquiring the software and its rights can submit a bid on account required) or  Please be sure to read the reviews to ensure this is something you want on your PC or phone and of course, buyer beware.

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