Full Speed Ahead for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Digital Factory Markets


ABI Research, a market-foresight advisory firm providing strategic guidance on the most compelling transformative technologies, announced significant findings in the TelcoRobotics, and Smart Manufacturing markets:

Narrow AI Heals Telco Pains for Now
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for intelligent user interfaces, sales and marketing remains the highest priority among mobile service providers. “At present, AI in telecoms has a narrow application in numerous use cases, particularly customer management and network acceleration. A holistic and general-purpose approach to AI may be required to enable telcos to become AI influencers rather than followers,” said Don Alusha, Senior Analyst at ABI Research. Read more.

Fast Growing Exoskeleton Market Will Top Over $5 Billion in Annual Revenue in 2028
Across a range of applications, exoskeletons are increasingly being introduced to help assist in the workplace as well as to enable and rehabilitate in the healthcare market. “The culmination of start-up activity, an increasingly permissive regulatory environment, and improving technology all suggest the exo-market is in the best position it has ever been,” said Rian Whitton, Research Analyst at ABI Research. Read more.

Balancing Edge and Cloud Computing Will Unlock the Potential of Digital Factories
Cloud platforms can integrate factory data with the supply chain and the rest of the enterprise, but they need edge intelligence to truly integrate with operational technologies, lower total cost of ownership, and stay financially viable for customers with limited IT resources and increasing amounts of data. “For smart manufacturing vendors hoping to fulfill the potential of their solutions and platforms for digital factories, they must build environments where apps can deliver immediate results at the edge with stream processing and integrate with the cloud,” said Pierce Owen, Principal Analyst at ABI Research. Read more.

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