Hevilo Life Sciences Announces Early Access Program (EAP) for Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment, Now One Step Away from Commercialisation


SYDNEYNov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Will 2020 be the year for Alzheimer’s disease? Yes, says Hevilo Life Sciences, which is on track to meet this goal with the announcement of early access to NE-ALZ-138 – a targeted polytherapeutic solution which to date has proven effective in reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and managing, delaying progression and reversing the impacts of the disease. The NE-ALZ-138 Early Access Program (EAP) will commence in the first half of 2019.

“Today marks a pivotal day for the Alzheimer’s community as a whole, and is testament to the fact that the prudent allocation of finite resources can, and does, result in measurable healthcare advances and outcomes,” says Sophia Barker, Director of Hevilo Life Sciences Bespoke Personalised Healthcare. “Having successfully moved through Phases I and II, now in EAP, and commercialisation on the horizon, the future is very promising. Moreover, from patient and caregiver to practitioner and investor, through NE-ALZ-138 we aim to remove much of the long-standing ambiguity, uncertainty and speculation around the causes, effects, risk reduction and treatment of this destructive and debilitating disease.”

Available globally, NE-ALZ-138 works by reducing oxidative stress, clearing toxic amyloid beta (Aβ), liberating tau tangles, and regenerating neurons. Eligible subjects enrolled in the EAP will be required to report improvements across some or all of the following domains: memory and recall, problem solving, reasoning and judgement, attention and concentration, executive functioning, multitasking, visuospatial skills and emotional stability.

“The successful development of NE-ALZ-138 further validates that treating Alzheimer’s disease, like many other multi-faceted degenerative diseases, is contingent on targeted polytherapeutic treatments,” adds Sophia Barker. “Today augments the collective hope that has driven significant funds and resources into Alzheimer’s research and awareness, and celebrates the arrival of a targeted solution with the potential to empower patients and caregivers.”

For more information about the NE-ALZ-138 Early Access Program (EAP) and to apply, visit https://hevilo.com/eap-alz-191.

About Hevilo Life Sciences’ Early Access Program (EAP)
Hevilo’s EAP is a fee-based non-experimental pre-launch program whereby feedback from qualified subjects is incorporated into final commercialised solutions. EAP solutions are not substitutes for testing and/or trials, and often proceed to commercialisation without material modifications. Under no circumstances are physicians, clinicians, practitioners or other healthcare providers compensated or incentivised for referring, recommending and/or promoting Hevilo’s EAP.

About Hevilo Life Sciences
Hevilo is a life sciences organisation dedicated to optimizing health, maximising vitality, and extending longevity. Defined by developing innovative solutions that address degenerative disease root causes, not symptoms, Hevilo prides itself on rapid iteration cycles with an unparalleled time to market. For more information, visit https://hevilo.com.