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Submit Your Rehabilitation Article Ideas to is a website dedicated to process of rehabilitation and renewal in EVERY aspect of our lives.

There is a constant and fundamental inter-dynamic between our social, financial and physical states that affect our mental well being.

As in life, all things change – as do people and circumstances.  One can easily shift from one crisis to another and bad times are not confined to just one area of our lives.  We view recovery as a lifelong process that doesn’t end, nor does it have pre-defined boundaries.

You can be in recovery from debt, divorce, depression or disease before you even touched a drug.  A hermit can have the largest bank account yet be bankrupt within his or her own family.  You can be a beautiful idiot.  You can lose a limb, your job and your freedom with a single careless act if you ever start thinking you can drink and drive…and so on…you probably already know this better than us.

Thus, wherever you are in life – whether recovering from something or someone just last week or how you overcame obstacles 10-20 years ago, we welcome you to send in your candid contributions in writing, photography, art or music.  Our philosophy holds that while others may benefit from your wisdom, you too will also greatly benefit from sharing it and learning feedback from others on the same topics.

Most importantly, it is through the sharing of our voices that we are truly heard – as often the silent whispers of our thoughts only become clear when they are given outside expression.

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