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There is a fluid inter-dynamic between our social, financial and physical states that affect our mental well being.

In life, all things change – as do people – and circumstances.  Depite what you see on TV, for normal people, things can and do shift from good times to bad times and its not just confined to just one area of our lives.  Thus, we view renewal as a lifelong process that doesn’t have an ending, nor does it have pre-defined boundaries.

You can be in suffering from the 4 Ds: Divorce, Debt, Depression or Disease well before you touch a substance.  An All-Star Equities Trader or Top Athlete can have the largest bank account yet be morally bankrupt within their own family.  You know of a few beautiful fools who will go through a true awakening once their looks fade over the years.  Or it can be sudden – you can lose a limb, your job and your freedom with a sudden, single careless act done by someone else.  Stuff happens in life that you didn’t expect to go South – no matter –  it’s how you bounce back that counts.  It’s what builds your character from the empty shell of your birth.

Thus, wherever you are in life – whether just recovering from something (or someone) from last week or how you overcame major obstacles 10 to 20 years ago, we welcome you to send in your candid contributions in writing.  We believe others may benefit from your wisdom (or folly) and that you too will benefit from sharing it and hearing feedback from like-minded others.

Most importantly, it is through the sharing of our voices that we are truly heard – as often the silent whispers of our thoughts become more clear when they are given outside expression.

One note:  Keep in mind that that your sharing should be anonymous and most folks who care about you dont care about knowing your real name – so don’t use it. I don’t use mine…

So there you go.  Please feel free to submit your article to be featured on to  All posts are subject to an editorial review prior to posting. Also, with demand (rolling eye emoji), it may take time to vet but your submission will be immediately appreciated.  Last, if you are in medical need, please call a medical professional, this is not that type of party…

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