Even Tigers Get Thorns


Oftentimes, folks on the top never realize it until it’s too late that they need to get help.

Don’t be afraid to lend your friends a helping hand by reaching out and keeping them from isolation.

As with Tiger, the loss of one’s previously stable family framework can have a dramatic effect on one’s previously ‘near perfect’ life.  Beware what seems easy at first glance.

Perhaps there should be a new American financial market for Divorce Insurance.  Eligible upon one’s first heartbreak. 😉

Either way, know that crap often happens driving alone.  Always use taxi drivers for social events when you can afford to.  Just budget it into the night.  Amortize it against the legal costs of getting a DUI.  Look at it that way.  Simple.

Keep the service economy going.  Use the trip to have a conversation you otherwise wouldn’t have.  Cheaper than a psychologist technically, far less effective obviously…