The Good Value of Getting Away


Every once in awhile, if you find yourself saying WTF constantly, it may do you some benefit to take off for a quick, adventurous trip that doesn’t require a passport or multiple shots.

Think about what you spend on the upper average meal – and no, we’re not talking Chez Pierre or the Palace of Prince Faruch – we’re talking your basic 3 to 4 stars favorite restaurant that you enjoy going to.

Anyway, getting to the point:  for the price of a good meal, you can likely buy yourself a good adventure memory that is likely to last LONGER than the bellyache you have from stuffing yourself full.  From a simple long distance bike ride on a path you’ve never been to diving your local coastal shores or lakes, there’s a ton of stuff to do within a range of $60 to $150pp that beats most meals on the average day.  Food for thought.