To Drink or Not to Drink


Folks, definitely not not a long term or even casual habit, and whether great for my career or not, sometimes I feel like I’ve gotten jobs through drinking.  Which, of course, let’s stop here if you’re thinking I’m proud of my career.  Nevertheless…I’ll continue…

Of course, NOT getting sloshed, mind you – clearly, I’ve lost jobs taking that approach… – but more so in fighting isolation at home while looking for work and getting back out into the mix.

You obviously will get all the questions about why you left or looking etc and the commissary notes of grief quickly followed by their own plights, etc but it helps not to be an isolated zombie with no outside contact.

If its to meet your mates for a drink or two, then do so, but be conscious of your budget and your overall objective for the night.

Key Note:  if you have ANY inkling like it’s a night to get loose and just party out, pass on the opportunity for another evening.  If you get the sense that you’re bandstanding or pontificating the greatest science, pack it in before you make an ass of yourself.   Surely, there will be more opportunities of them to come.