The Power of Eating Alone


Let’s face it.  We all don’t have the time to cook the greatest meals everyday.  For many of us, better that we stay busy and active.  When you can, don’t be tethered to other’s schedules and make time for yourself by going to that restaurant you always wanted to go to.

Do it while you can.  Don’t wait for other’s schedules to align to the stars.  Life is too short for TV dinners (all the time :).  You don’t have to go crazy on appetizers and the what not…make your decisions on sorbet vs. wine if you must.  Get the salad.  Hang out.  Read a book and get a window view.  You get the point.

As we know, going alone to the movies is a whole other thing, a wholly different topic to discuss here.  Keep it simple to places in your neighborhood you normally wouldn’t go to.  Keep it within walking to start if you can.  Bring your book, of course.

Wondering what defines the greatest solo chillaxing restaurants?  Do tell..