Age-old family culture among Chinese celebrates Joyful family reunion in new video


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Recently, a heartwarming short video called “Four Generations Under One Roof” went viral. In the video, a young girl jumps on screen and calls for her mom, who follows suit until the eldest matriarch last appears.

The 15-second video has received tens of millions of hits, and even coverage from foreign news media after it was posted on Twitter. The original clip was applauded for its wholesomeness and positive vibes, and people around the world are mimicking its format to show off their own family albums in videos and photos.

Behind the video’s immense popularity in different corners of the world is a common theme that is the essence of Chinese culture: The importance of family, which stirs the emotions of whoever is watching despite his or her nationality or background.

In China, it is common for multiple generations to live under the same roof. The ideal traditional Chinese family would have four generations in one house, where the elderly watches as the children play around them, and all is well.

Because China was historically an agricultural civilization, family has a special significance here. For many thousands of years, people worked in strong family units, which became the fundamental social structure the country was built upon. Moreover, the rise of Confucianism with its focus on loyalty and filial piety placed the family in high regard across the Chinese community.

An old Chinese saying goes: “Everything blooms when a family is in harmony,” which can be interpreted as meaning that a smooth life and successful business are dependent on a good family atmosphere. The Chinese believe family is far beyond a place where the clothes, foods, and accommodations are provided for and relatives are convened. In the eyes of many, it is a spiritual world in which the duty, morality, and profundity of mankind rest upon.

While living together, family members can pass down their ancestors’ good qualities along with the cultural legacies that have influenced the Chinese community for thousands of years. The pursuit of peace and harmony in both the family and society should not be separated from the influence of the family culture.

Compared to the traditional society, modern life permits greater mobility, wider choices, and a growing diversity of perspectives and ideals. However, in spite of all those changes, the family still serves as the essential nucleus in Chinese culture. This is why Chinese people are determined to head for home on festive days, by whatever means. The big family holiday reunion is an unmissable event.

The Chinese New Year is now approaching. On this most important occasion for family reunion, we hope everyone who has been far from home can reunite with their loved ones. We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our best regards to all Chinese people around the world by wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year.

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Joyful family reunion celebrates age-old family culture among Chinese

Source:  BEIJINGJan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/