Golfers Recover Lost Distance and Overcome Injuries Through Custom Club Fitting

Golfers Recover Lost Distance and Overcome Injuries Through Custom Club Fitting

Better fit. Lower scores. (PRNewsfoto/Club Champion Golf)


WILLOWBROOK, Ill.Feb. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — It’s no secret that age and injury can drastically affect a golfer’s game, making for less enjoyable rounds. The good news – with a professional club fitting from Club Champion Golf, most golfers can hit farther and more accurately so they can once again enjoy the game.

The discrepancy between potential and actual performance is much greater for older golfers. Similarly, those recovering from injuries may have movement restrictions hindering their swing. Both groups can uniquely benefit from a fitting. By working with their exact swing mechanics, a master club fitter can maximize what’s working without putting pressure on injuries or areas of the swing that may be declining. One such fitter, Club Champion, has a proven history of success.

Age was robbing Bill Rees (68) of distance. Club Champion helped him regain speed and distance by changing his shafts and creating better launch conditions. After his fitting, Rees stated, “My investment paid off. I’m playing far better and much more consistently. For someone who is serious about golf, a club fitting and the right new equipment is the way to go.”

Rees’ experience wasn’t an anomaly; a Golf Digest study found that eight out of nine Club Champion custom-fit golfers lowered their scores by as much as six strokes per round. Everyone can see an improvement, but older and injured golfers stand to gain even more than a better game. For them, it’s also about staying healthy and active.

After recovering from a stroke and two major surgeries, 84-year-old former Navy pilot and Olympic athlete Sherwood Schoch shot 74 with his custom clubs. “It’s been a game-saving experience,” Sherwood shared. “I was on the brink of throwing in the towel; now it’s a rare round if I don’t shoot my age. The Club Champion fitting changed my world!” Club Champion changed Sherwood’s golf shafts, launch angle and swingweight to help him enjoy golf again.

According to Sherwood’s fitter Brett Castleberry, “Club Champion delivers a Tour-quality fitting for longer, more accurate shots with a nearly 100% satisfaction rate. No specific vendor is promoted – the only goal is to find the best components to help you lower your scores and enjoy the game.”

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