DisasterAWARE Enterprise Unveils SmartAlert™ and Real-Time Geopolitical Data

DisasterAWARE Enterprise real-time access to Geopolitical Data including political, military, security, civil unrest, economic, social, and infrastructure events around the world.

ORLANDO, Fla.March 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, at the DRJ2019 Summit, DisasterAWARE Enterprise Corporation announces new high-value features in its DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ risk intelligence platform. New SmartAlert™ technology allows users to specify geographical areas to monitor for natural and man-made hazards. Custom algorithms for multiple hazard types help to identify the maximum alerting geography. SmartAlert™ users will receive automatic messages via email or text message for any hazards identified in the specified geofenced area.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ will offer real-time geopolitical data that covers political, military, security, civil unrest, economic, social, and infrastructure events around the world.  The platform will be able to show everything from terror events to government summits, helping users with their timely decision-making based on those threats.

A Chinese language variant has been added to the menu, bringing the number of language versions to seven total. (English, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.)

“Just in 2018 alone over 800 natural hazards were experienced globally. Risk intelligence and effective risk mitigation have a direct impact to the bottom line. It is more important than ever for corporations to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for natural and man-made disasters in advance. We are excited to help them in this work as we continue to enhance the most in-depth, data and function-rich risk intelligence platform,” said DisasterAWARE Enterprise CEO Bob Miller.

“Corporations are increasingly focused on positive and holistic ways to reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change. In supporting these efforts, the DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ platform brings a single-source solution featuring global historical data, scientific modeling and solution tailoring capabilities that enable companies in locating business sites, preparing for natural disasters, and post-event recovery. In addition to its ubiquitous data sources, what makes DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ unique is that it is industry agnostic. It can be vertically integrated into the supply chain and logistics, and is well suited across industries including travel, insurance, education, healthcare, utilities, finance, airports, mining, ports, retail, and other global enterprises,” Stephanie Atkinson, CEO, Founder & Principal Analyst, Compass Intelligence.

“When damaging natural disasters strike, complex enterprise operations face tough challenges as they work to protect staff safety and mitigate the business impact. Comprehensive early warning systems, like DisasterAWARE Enterprise™,  are essential tools that expand the amount of time enterprises have to cope with a major calamity,” Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst, CritComm Insights.

SOURCE DisasterAWARE Enterprise

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